Introducing the corporation

For agribusiness and consumers: We operate worldwide from our sites in Hamburg, Rostock, Erfurt and Wurzen. Our main focus is on the production of rapeseed oil, malt and food products for the industry and consumers. Furthermore, we trade and ship rapeseed and grain. Thereby, more than 370 employees are generating annual sales of over 1 billion euros and handle around 3 million metric tons each year.


This is what we stand for

We are environmentally conscious by conviction: As a company that comes from an agricultural background, we have been assuming responsibility for our environment for generations. We are constantly striving to produce in a sustainable, clean, resource-saving and energy-efficient manner. We succeed in doing this a little better every day by constantly investing in modern facilities and new technologies. With the help of innovative solutions, we are reducing CO2 emissions – for a future worth living for generations to come.

We live out our social responsibility every day: We are aware of our social responsibility. By means of donations, we support social institutions, associations and worldwide development projects. For the education of young people, we engage in cooperations with universities, technical colleges and foundations.


Environmental and social commitment

GETREIDE AG is led by our 3-member board of directors.

Under strong leadership

  • Alexander Rothe
    Chairman of the Board / CEO

    Alexander Rothe has been a member of the Board of Directors of GETREIDE AG since 1990 and has been its Chairman and majority shareholder of the family-run stock corporation since 2007. He is responsible for corporate development and strategy, as well as risk management.

  • Alexander Rothe Chairman of the Board / CEO
  • Peter Carsten Ehlers
    Executive Member of the Board / CFO

    Peter Carsten Ehlers joined GETREIDE AG in 2007 as a member of the Board of Directors. He manages the entire commercial area across the corporation. Furthermore, Mr. Ehlers is responsible for the oil mill business, all group investments and agricultural purchasing.

  • Thorsten Tiedemann
    Executive Member of the Board / COO

    Thorsten Tiedemann joined GETREIDE AG as a member of the Board of Directors in 2014 and is responsible for the trading business for grain and oilseeds, the distribution of oil products as well as the execution and logistics of trading transactions.

  • Thorsten Tiedemann Executive Member of the Board / COO


Down-to-earth and agile. Founded in 1921 by Peter Kruse, the roots of GETREIDE AG lie in Kappeln (Schleswig-Holstein). With the takeover in 1982 by Peter Rothe and the merger with the land trading company Chr. Sieck, the company grew in Schleswig-Holstein and in the new federal states. With the sale of the land trading activities in 2015, the corporation reorganized itself around its production activities and, at the same time, relocated the headquarters from Rendsburg to the port of Hamburg.