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With know-how and passion, we process and refine high-quality raw materials from agriculture into outstanding food products. Whether it be cooking oil for fine foods, brewing malt for beer production or savory snacks for the end consumer - quality always is in pole position.

GETREIDE AG Produktion


We trade worldwide but prefer to buy our raw materials, such as rapeseed, wheat and malting barley, directly from the farm in Germany "on our doorstep". Additionally, we also procure from the markets throughout Europe and even worldwide. Just as we also market our finished products in 62 countries around the world.



For satisfied customers. Via our terminal in Hamburg, we offer flexible services related to the handling of the goods from the silo to the container port. Be it the filling or emptying of containers, receiving, cleaning and storing bulk goods, or packaging as trucked goods or in big bags.


Power Oil Rostock GmbH

One of the largest oil mills in Germany. From around 1 million tons of rapeseed we produce up to 280,000 tons of cooking oil, 120,000 tons of fediol oil and 600,000 tons of rapeseed meal annually. We use this to produce high-quality foodstuffs, biofuels and protein-rich animal feed.

Erfurter Malz­werke GmbH

Top quality for beer production: At our sites in Erfurt and Hamburg, we produce around 200,000 tons of top-quality brewing malt annually for the best beers worldwide. We sell our malt in over 45 countries around the world.

Wurzener Nahrungs­mittel GmbH

It is impossible to imagine a household without it. With our Wurzener brand, we are one of the best-known food producers in Saxony. Our product range includes snacks, cereals and pulses.

G.T.H. Getreide Terminal Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG

Largest storage capacity and a wide range of services. Every day we handle up to 15,000 t of grain, rapeseed and raw coffee. This gives us the largest handling and storage capacity for bulk cargo in the Port of Hamburg. Other services on offer.

Getreide Danmark ApS

From the Baltic Sea to the world. This location is the basis for purchasing and shipping crops such as malting barley and wheat from the Baltic Sea region to our production plants. From beautiful Denmark, malting barley in particular is shipped to Hamburg and Erfurt.